I've come across a few "Website Etiquitte" guides in my web travels recently, several of which say that it's common decency to provide an "About the Author" page where readers can learn... well, about the author.

Well, shucks, I didn't have a page like that. Here I was, thinking I'm running a decent website. Meanwhile, I was offending the web community! Imagine my surprise.

So here you are:

About the Author

Kevin Cooney is a manager of Software Development living in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. He works for an Internet site you've probably heard of, but he would rather not mention which one. This way he can talk badly about his job without getting in trouble.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys -- wait, wait. I can't do this anymore. No more of this talking-about-myself-in-the-third-person business... Ahem... Anyway, in my spare time I like to play around with websites, computers, etc. Well, that's what I like to do, but mostly I just watch TV. Good Eats, for the most part.

I'm married to a wonderful girl named Amy, so sorry, you nerd-lovin' ladies: I'm taken.

So now you know all about me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a website?
Good question. I'm not selling anything, so why bother? I guess I just like making websites, so I thought I should have my own. Turns out I also like writing (about myself), even if I'm not that good at it.

Hey, are you Kevin Cooney from Podunktown, USA?
Thankfully, no. See above for details about me. It turns out that "Kevin Cooney" isn't really an uncommon name after all.

My name's Kevin Cooney, too!
First off, that's not a question. No biggie, though. Feel free to send me an email about your handsome self. So far, I've heard from about a half dozen Kevin Cooney's from across the country (and one from the UK), all of whom were nearly as charming as myself.

What's with all the broken images and pages?
Yeah, sorry about that. A coupla years ago, my hosting company moved some servers around, and apparently chose the Laurel & Hardy Moving Company to get the job done. After the move, some computers didn't work anymore, including the one with my website on it. I had some files backed up, but not as many as I thought. I'm still trying to dig some things up, so pages might start to fill in as the months go by.

Why aren't I on your website?
Obviously, I must not like you, or you're boring. Come back after you've done something interesting, and then we'll talk.

Seen any good movies lately?
I just saw the new Indiana Jones. So, no.

You getting any money from this thing?
I do have some ads on the site, but no, this site isn't profitable. Nor do I plan on trying to make it so.